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The new 2011 Year End Christmas Newletter is now available - just click here

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!  May you all have a wonderful 2012.

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The Players:

Us = Heather & Andy
Me = Heather
Andy = Andy
Mom/Grammy = H's mom
Mum/Mumsy = A's mum
Dad = H's or A's
Grampy = H's Dad
Ash/Ashley = A's brother
Scot = H's brother
Monica = Scot's wife
Ben = nephew
Grace = niece
Comet and Casper (the girls) = our cats
Everyone else = Valued Friends

Window by Andy

Our 10th Anniversary Body Art

Welcome to Heather and Andrea's Web Site. Wouldn't that be a boring title?  However, "Points of Our Compass" has special meaning to us:

There is a poem made famous in a movie, and although the poem, "Funeral Blues" by W. H. Auden, may seem quite morbid, there were words in it that reached out and grabbed us, specifically:

"He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest"

These words inspired us to engrave the points of the compass into our wedding bands rather than a date or initials.  Add to that our feeling that the other gives us direction, is our whole world, and finally, don't discount our craving for, and love of, travel - and there you have our attachment to the "Points of our Compass".

Outside of work, Andrea goes by Andy, therefore that's how she is referred to on this site.

Window by Heather


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  • 2002
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